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Thread: [Split] Origins of the Afghan Qizilbash

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    I read on Wikipedia that Khaled Hosseini was a Shia. His parents originated from Herat and he says has pashtun and tajik mixture. He also must have Qizilbash ancestry since he's a non Shia hazara( he's an example of a pashtunified/persianized Qizilbash most likley )

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    Y-DNA (P)
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    Actually I think it depended where they settled. A lot of Qizilbash assimilated withihn the local population and even hid their true identity which was a Shia, to avoid prosecution. Some got pashtunified and seem persianized.
    The Qizilbash I know just identify themself as Tajiks and I honestly not know one of them identifying themself primarily as Qizilbash (i heard at first about Qizilbash in the Internet) but many exil Afghans are very ambiguous about their ethnic origin and in Afghanistan Qizilbash identity is maybe still important
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