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Thread: Anglo-Norman treatise on cooking without fire

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    Lightbulb Anglo-Norman treatise on cooking without fire

    I thought this a curious transition in the evolution of language.

    Can anyone translate this without looking?

    A quire char saunz fu. E issi enseigne coment l'en quira char saunz fu. Pernez un petit pot de terre e la coverture de meimes la terre, e ke il seit lee cum le pot est; e puys pernez un autre pot, ke seit fet de meymes la terre cum l'autre, e la coverture cum l'autre, e ke il joyngnent bien au potz, e ke le pot seit plus profund ke l'autre de cync deis e en viron de treis; e puys pernez char de porc e de gelynes; e puys festes couper en beu mosseus, e pernez bons especes e metez dedenz, e du sel; e pernez le petit pot, en ki la char est, e le metez en le grant pot; e si metez debeu cel, si le coverrez od la coverture e estopez le de moille terre tenaunte, ke nule chose ne pussee isser; puys pernez de chauz nient esteynt, si metez en le grant pot ewe tut pleyn, mes gardez ke nule ewe ne entre en le petit pot; si lessez estre en pees cinc lyuee de veie ou set; e puys overez vos potz, e si troverez vostre viaunde bien e bel quyt.

    Cooking without fire. Instructions for cooking meat without fire. Take a small earthenware pot, with an earthenware lid which must be as wide as the pot; then take another pot of the same earthenware, with a lid like that of the first; this pot is to be deeper than the first by five fingers, and wider in circumference by three; then take pork and hens and cut into fair-sized pieces, and take fine spices and add them, and salt; take the small pot with the meat in it and place it upright in the large pot; cover it with the lid and stop it with moist, clayey earth, so that nothing may escape; then take unslacked lime, and fill the large pot with water, ensuring that no water enters the smaller pot; let it stand for the time it takes to walk between five and seven leagues, and then open your pots, and you will find your food indeed cooked.

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    Guess they should have mentioned the need for a 'Chemical Suit'. lol

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