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Thread: Amazing Data Visualization of WW2 casualties

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    Amazing Data Visualization of WW2 casualties

    This is a great 17 min clip of a meta crunching of some key numbers, but done is a visual and super interesting way. At times, its stunning, even when your quite familiar with the facts, the job they do on Soviet casualties really brought it home...also for civilians and the 'Asian theatre'

    if you want your kids to understand a key time in History, watch this with them...there is nothing icky, and I think many ages could see it, no problem


    ps-thanks to Ilmari for posting this on FB
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    It's a great video. But...

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeWhalen View Post
    the job they do on Soviet casualties really brought it home.
    Yes, although people often forget that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union jointly invaded Poland (and then other countries) to start World War II, though Stalin gave Hitler two weeks' headstart until a ceasefire with the Japanese took effect. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is pretty clear about this.

    The narrator incorrectly says that European countries have not fought since World War II except for the Soviet invasion of Hungary. He omits the current Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine, which is now openly admitted by Russians themselves (here is the original Russian).
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