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Thread: Hunt for Viking DNA in Normandy!

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    East Manchester
    Y-DNA (P)
    U152: A9024/BY3644
    mtDNA (M)
    H1c3b 'Helga'

    England Wales Scotland Ireland European Union
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    GB and Ire 98.5%
    South Germanic 1.5%


    Eng, Wales & NW Euro 50%
    North Eng, Ire and Scot 39%
    Norway 5%
    Sweden 4%
    Germanic Europe 2%


    42% North Euro
    37% Mediterranean
    19% SW Asian

    Known ancestral lines:

    U152: BY3644 @ Vallum Aelium
    H1c3b Salford (mother)
    U4a3a Biddick, Durham (pat grandfather's mother)
    U198 Stanhope, Durham (pat gg grandfather)
    K1a-T195C! Wigan, Lancs (pat grandmother)

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