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Thread: New Paper about Phylogeny of Haplogroup E

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    New Paper about Phylogeny of Haplogroup E

    I'm not much of a Haplogroup-man and need to brush up on my knowledge of them but there's a pretty great new paper out on Haplogroup E that was brought to my attention on another forum & I thought it might be of some interest to all of you here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Trombetta et al. 2015 Abstract
    Haplogroup E, defined by mutation M40, is the most common human Y chromosome clade within Africa. To increase the level of resolution of haplogroup E, we disclosed the phylogenetic relationships among 729 mutations found in 33 haplogroup DE Y-chromosomes sequenced at high coverage in previous studies. Additionally, we dissected the E-M35 subclade by genotyping 62 informative markers in 5,222 samples from 118 worldwide populations. The phylogeny of haplogroup E showed novel features compared to the previous topology, including a new basal dichotomy. Within haplogroup E-M35, we resolved all the previously known polytomies and assigned all the E-M35* chromosomes to 5 new different clades, all belonging to a newly identified subhaplogroup (E-V1515), which accounts for almost half of the E-M35 chromosomes from the Horn of Africa. Moreover, using a Bayesian phylogeographic analysis and a SNP-based approach we localized and dated the origin of this new lineage in the northern part of the Horn, about 12 kya. Time frames, phylogenetic structuring and socio-geographic distribution of E-V1515 and its subclades are consistent with a multi-step demic spread of pastoralism within north-eastern Africa and its subsequent diffusion to sub-equatorial areas. In addition, our results increase the discriminative power of the E-M35 haplogroup for use in forensic genetics through the identification of new ancestry-informative markers.


    Some extra useful info:

    Improved resolution of E-M215 (aka E3b / E1b1b), Ethiohelix Blog

    For those of you interested; enjoy discussing this new paper.
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    All of the former paragroup E-M35* East African lineages, and the supposedly "basal" East African M35 lineages have been assigned to a new East African subclade, V1515, that's merely ~12,000 years old. Several steps in the updated M35 phylogeny appear rooted in North Africa. This study seems to establish with fairly high probability that E-M35 originated in North Africa, not East Africa.

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    Nothing about E-M35.1's linguistic implications for Afroasiatic, it's almost criminally inaccurate at this point!
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    ᾽Άλλο δέ τοι ἐρέω, σὺ δ᾽ ἐνὶ φρεσὶ βάλλεο σῇσιν:
    κρύβδην, μηδ᾽ ἀναφανδά, φίλην ἐς πατρίδα γαῖαν
    νῆα κατισχέμεναι: ἐπεὶ οὐκέτι πιστὰ γυναιξίν.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lank View Post
    Several steps in the updated M35 phylogeny appear rooted in North Africa. This study seems to establish with fairly high probability that E-M35 originated in North Africa, not East Africa.
    I think it has always been assumed that the origin of E-M35 was eastern North Africa. We're still a bit low of good research from Egypt, Libya, and Sudan even with this study. Once we get enough in-depth research from those population, I think you'll get a very clear picture. Most studies study populations surrounding these regions.
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