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As you suggested, I have tested for A6078 with YSEQ. I am negative so I remain at the Z16943 level. I have seen mention another SNP under Z16943 named A4257. YSEQ doesn't seem to test for it. Any ideas where I can test for A4257?
Thank you for testing below Z16943! Currently, no company offers a single SNP test for A4257 or its equivalents. YSEQ does offer a test for ZP110 which occurs two steps down from A4257, but I wouldn't recommend testing for it unless you have a relatively close STR match to the other ZP110+ kits.

There are currently three Z16943* kits (one of which is mine) awaiting results from Full Genomes and I expect that the results from these three kits will reveal another branch or two below Z16943. If we're lucky, any new branches will be marked by an SNP for which a single SNP test can be prepared. I'd recommend waiting for these results before pursuing further single SNP testing. If you are able to get a Full Genomes Y Elite test or Family Tree DNA's Big Y, that would be the preferred option since you'd help us in our search for new branches.