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Thread: Which one of your ancestral lines do you have the most connection to?

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    I hadn't been that interested in my paternal line since I wasn't able to find as many records for them in comparison to other lines. I couldn't find a marriage record for my 3x great grandparents and it seems possible that only three of their children made it to adulthood so I don't have many autosomal matches on this line either. I only really got interested in this line when I got my dad to do a Y-DNA test. I probably spend more time on this line than any other now trying to figure how I might connect to other Y-DNA matches. I haven't made much progress and my efforts will probably be in vain but I do find some interesting information connected to them.

    Before my dad's Y-DNA results, I was probably most interested in mum's paternal line since the family had kept a record of ancestors and I liked trying to fill in the gaps and find records to back it up. There's one ancestor in particular on that line who I'd love to be able to find more information on. I don't necessarily identify with any more than others but rather I might be more interested in certain lines. There is an interesting story to be told in every line though.
    Ancestry: Ireland (Roscommon, Galway, Mayo)
    Paternal ancestor (Y): Martin Kelly b. c1830 in Co. Roscommon (Uí Maine/Hy Many)
    Father's mtDNA: Catherine Fleming b. c1831 in Co. Roscommon (H27e)
    Maternal ancestor (mt): Anne McDermott b. c1814 in Co. Roscommon
    Paternal great grandfather (mt): Mary Connella b. c1798 in Co. Roscommon (T2a1a8)

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