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Thread: North-Norwegians, North-Swedes and Finns

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    North-Norwegians, North-Swedes and Finns

    I'm a guy of primarily North-Norwegian and Eastern Finnish ancestry living in Southern-Norway, where the majority of ethnic Norwegians have light-brown, blonde and ginger hair, and very little eye brows(some look like cancer patients).
    I have noticed that the further north we get, the higher the amount of brown and even black-looking hair,
    as well as more eyebrow-growth(although also more noticeable due to the dark hair), even among ethnic Norwegians(not sami).

    Some examples.

    Me and my family:

    Tim Sparv:

    Jarmo Mäkinen:

    Andreas af Enehjelm:


    Charlotte Kalla(north swede):

    Steinar Albrigtsen(north norwegian):

    Lars iver strand(north norwegian):

    Some might jump to conclusions that it's all Sami-admixture, but could there also be that the Northern parts of Norway and Sweden, and the Finns, all contain ancient(with more dark features) north-european admixture(not counting the finnish and saami siberian component)?

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