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Thread: For the first time in 50 years; An accounting tablet was discovered in the burned cit

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    For the first time in 50 years; An accounting tablet was discovered in the burned cit

    In the nineteenth season of excavations in the Burned City, after 50 years of continuous excavations in this area, archaeologists succeeded for the first time in discovering an accounting tablet related to the beginning of the Elamite.
    According to Mehr News Agency, citing the Public Relations of the Cultural and Tourism Heritage Research Institute, Syed Mansour Sayed Sajadi, head of the Antiquities Council, announced the news, describing the discovery of such slabs in western Iran as natural and specific: The important point is that it is at the easternmost point of the plain Lute and Iran, archaeologists have not made such a unique discovery.
    He said that this tablet illustrates the relationship between the community of the burned city and the people of the beginning of the Elamites (the early Elamites), adding: Hussein Moradi, an archaeologist and deputy of the Council of Antiquities, arrived at this tablet at a depth of 4 meters in room 27 of the residence. Sokhna area.
    Mr. Sajadi described this discovery as somewhat unexpected and said, “At the Southeast Archaeological Conference, I promised the archaeological community that such an event would happen in the very near future and that the Antiquities Board would make this discovery.”
    The head of the Council of Antiquities said in his statement regarding the specifications of this arithmetic tablet: The length of this tablet is 11 cm, its width is 7 cm, and it contains two types of symbols.
    “One of the icons is the lines that indicate the type of goods sent with the tablet, and the other is a series of deep rectangular shapes that indicate the number of goods sent, which is currently unfamiliar to us,” he said.
    Syed Sajadi described the most important point in the structure of this tablet with the effect of the cylindrical seal of the sender on it, and said: “According to the structure of this seal, it is quite clear that people at that time used the 10-digit accounting system, unlike the Sumerians, whose accounting system was based on the It has 60 numbers.
    "In the past two seasons, we have decided to work in deeper layers, which fortunately led to the discovery of this valuable tablet at a depth of four metres," he said.
    He said, "Currently, in the last days of the nineteenth chapter excavation and research work at the burning city base, we are recording, recording and preparing documents and work reports, and drilling work in the three major wells in the residential area has been completed.

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