Are there any calculators that test based on segments and not SNP's? I know that the Genetic Genealogy Toolkit does, but it doesn't report on segments over 3cM in length. Per the manual:

"Any segment length greater than 3 cM in length will be ignored and the lower limit is based on the settings value (default value is 0.5 cM). This is because, any segment length greater than 3 cM represents you belong to a population and you already know that you belong to them. It is based on the fact that people from same/similar geographical locations have segment matches at 3 cM."

Wouldn't this type of analysis - if it included segments greater than 3cM - be MUCH more accurate than the admixture tests based on cumulative SNP's such as those on GEDMATCH, especially if you don't know what population you belong to? Does anyone know of anything out there that does this?

I'm a newbie, so be kind, but please clarify if my assumption is incorrect ... or point me towards a similar testing tool Thanks.