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Thread: V20 SNP defines new subhaplogroup of C

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    Judging from the most recent updates to the Family Tree DNA Haplogroup C Project, ISOGG 2018 Y-DNA Haplogroup C and its Subclades, and YFull Haplogroup YTree v6.02, the previously known Algerian (with origin reported to be from Tizi Ouzou Province in the center of the region inhabited primarily by Kabyle Berbers) and Armenian (with origin reported to be from Julfa, Iran, just across the international border from Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic) members of haplogroup C1a2-V20 now have been confirmed to belong to a particular subclade, which has been named C1a2b by ISOGG and which is deeply divergent from the C1a2a-V182 found in modern Europeans. YFull v6.02 estimates that European C1a2a-V182 and Armenian/Algerian C1a2b-Z38888 share a most recent common ancestor approximately 21,900 [95% CI 19,700 <-> 24,100] years before present. An estimated TMRCA of the Armenian member and the Algerian member of C1a2b-Z38888 has not yet been published by YFull. It appears that the phylogenetic position of the Y-DNA of a Nepalese member (nep-0172) of haplogroup C1a2-V20 (cf. Hallast et al. 2014, "The Y-Chromosome Tree Bursts into Leaf: 13,000 High-Confidence SNPs Covering the Majority of Known Clades") vis--vis C1a2a-V182 and C1a2b-Z38888 also remains undetermined.
    I knew about this since 2015, hence why I recently wrote this on the thread about the iberomaurusian study :

    Yes, essentially Haplogroup A and B are signature of the various paleo-african people from northwest Africa to the very south of the continent. They were a very diverse bunch as shown by the structure of both A and B and of course their mtDNA counterparts. We know that Negroes (West Africans) are intermediate between Eurasians and Paleo-Africans and this is because of their neo-african ancestry. They would probably be back migrants from Arabia after separation from their relatives haplogroup pre-D, pre-C and pre-F along with mtDNA pre-M and pre-N (and probably more extinct lines on both sides). Some of them went to the west and others to the north so they mixed with the previous people from both places. In northern Africa were probably living some WHG-like people from the Near-East, these people were eurasian and their females got absorbed by the incoming Neo-Africans, this is why their mtDNA lines survived. Their Y-DNA is unknown but could have been some kind of IJ or C1 probably. I've discovered that C-V20 still exists in North Africa today and separated from european C-V20 many thousand years ago. I'm tempted to link haplogroup C1 with mtDNA M1 as we know some extinct M lines were found in a few paleolithic european remains.

    Being under Z3888, this would almost confirms my theory about an ancient middle-eastern population which is responsible for the WHG-like signal among the Natufians.
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