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Thread: FTDNA Backbone R1b and implications for L2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webb View Post
    Mike, I think that so far this appears as a good start. I completely understand what is trying to be accomplished. The goal is to offer a very good test for people who are either R1b or M269. A test that will eliminate a large amount of guesswork. I am a little disappointed about DF27, however, sanger sequencing is the only way to test for this right now through FTDNA. So all of the main branches, and for the larger clades maybe several defining branches just below the main clade is a good idea. After that, hopefully, the testees will join the appropriate projects, and be guided by admins. futher down their repsective branches. I think Razyn brings up a valid point as well. If DF27 is unable to be tested for, then this branch might need a few extra branch defining snps. I think that if someone who is unkowingly DF27 positive, yet Z196 negative, uses this product, they might feel it was a waste of time and money, because if they come back just P312, they will have to turn around and spend more money on a DF27 snp test. Just my two cents.
    I'm an example of this. I ordered a DF27 test at YSEQ at the same time as I ordered the Backbone Pack. I came back DF27+ at YSEQ but I'm only P312 with the pack, so I assume I don't fit into any of the DF27 SNPs in the pack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard A. Rocca View Post
    All negative results thus far, but on a bright note, it didn't get dropped off the panel, so it is likely working.
    Thanks Rich. I hope you are right (that it is working).

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    I´m DF13+ from Alsace-Lorraine terminal snp´s Y14240/FGC35995 and Y14049/FGC35995 informations about these snp´s,R-M269 iberian perhaps ?
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