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Your terminal SNP (Y64389) has an estimated TMRCA of 340 BC. That makes it difficult to say anything with any degree of certainty. A lot of time has passed since then, and a lot has happened vis a vis population movements.

Having said that, the fact that your fellow Y64389 is of Irish extraction, and given that the SNP immediately above (R-FGC14114, with a TMRCA of 710 BC) has three matches from Irish background who also have clearly Irish surnames, makes me think that you can be reasonably confident that your father was also of Irish extraction. I'm not speaking of certitude, mind you, just of probability.

As hard as it is, sometimes-- and it is hard-- the kinds of answers you're looking for often come only with patience and time. Eventually the right person will do a test and provide you the match you're looking for.
Thanks and not an unexpected answer. Just looking for further validation / clues. My father (we have a phased DNA kit for him) certainly shows links to South Africa on his maternal side. So the estimation is that his line entered the SA genepool probably 1800-1900. The '1820 Settlers' is when most British (UK) people went to SA. What we cant find is certainty of name.