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Thread: Irish DNA Atlas, Preliminary Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewsloth View Post
    If there's one thing I've learned since joining this board, it's that I grossly underestimated (or at least was grossly ignorant of) the mobility of families between (and around) continental Europe and Great Britain and Ireland in the centuries prior to the industrial revolution.
    I experienced the same thing when I first learned about the varied categories of Irish people. It seems like I'm descended from each stripe. You even can break down categories into categories. For example, more than a few of the Scots-Irish were actually Englishmen or Welsh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mud of aluvion View Post
    l do ? eh l meant most were as in the majority , not to stir the pot here but l have my gripes with the term scots - irish being used for these people in a historical context , they considered themselves nothing but irish even those of planter ancestry never once did they refer to themselves as anything but irish .99% of them saw themselves as only irish .alot of them bare irish surnames and most intermixed with the irish population .
    Don't agree.

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