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Thread: Where "Should" Greek Cypriot Ancestry Appear?

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    Where "Should" Greek Cypriot Ancestry Appear?

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    My grandfather was a Greek Cypriot, and my grandmother was from Northwestern Greece. I'm showing 53.5% Northern European ancestry, 33.5% Southern European ancestry, 1.1% Eastern European ancestry and 9.5% Broadly European. The 1.9% Middle Eastern ancestry would make sense, and the Italian ancestry is definitely a sign of Greek non-mainland ancestry. So where does my grandfather play into this? I don't see him being part of the 21% Balkan. Would he be in the ~18% Broadly European/Southern European combination, or 21% with the Italian?

    I'm assuming the Eastern European is from my fathers mother, which makes sense. My mother is nearly fully Northern European, her brother showed up as 81% British 10% Irish on ancestry DNA, which matches family records very well, which is what I imagine my Broadly Norther European is, giving me a percent in the 40s of British & Irish.

    Typical Greek Cypriot DNA results seem to be around 50% European 50% Middle Eastern. A small reference pool for them is likely, too.

    Any feedback is appreciated! I'm J1-P58 and H18b if it matters.

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