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Thread: International Section changes

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    International Section changes

    Dear all,

    Due to inactivity, we have just closed the following language-based areas in the International Area:

    • Italian
    • Spanish

    Following member feedback (here, here, here), we are happy to announce the following additions:

    • Celtic (our Y-DNA R1b Local Mod Gray Fox has kindly extended his oversight to include here)
    • Slavic (content from the previous Russian section has been moved here)

    As a reminder:

    1. These forum areas are open to both English and non-English language content.
    2. Any threads from other sub-sections that are better at home in the International Area could be moved; please feel free to contact either the AdminBot or ModBot accounts to undertake this.

    You asked, we listened. Thank you to jtoml4 and rms2 for their suggestions and patience. We look forward to seeing some great discussions take place in these new areas.

    Hope everyone has a very pleasant weekend!

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    Hello members,

    After receiving some feedback, we have opened a Balkan sub-section in the International Area. For those interested, the symbol shown is derived from the Vinča culture alphabet.

    A handful of threads have already been moved to the new Balkan area. If our members find any more in other parts of the forum (especially General), please contact us via AdminBot or ModBot to organize moving these. Thanks in advance.
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