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Thread: R1b-L1065 SNP Pack for Scots Modal types

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    Exclamation R1b-L1065 SNP Pack for Scots Modal types

    I spotted the SNP Pack name two weeks ago and reported it to FTDNA. In ADVANCED TESTS, the former R-FGC17059 Pack is now correctly named the R1b-L1065 SNP Pack. L1335 is one step earlier branching although a lot of people who are R-L1335 haplogroup labeled should consider the R1b-L1065 SNP Pack. Anyone with R-L1065, R-CTS6838, R-CTS7030 (equivalents to L1065) or R-CTS11722 and R-S749 (synonyms to L1065) should also consider it as well as anyone with the "Scots Modal" haplotype.

    I've looked at the SNP list pretty hard and you could think of the R1b-L1065 Pack as the the "Scots Modal" SNP Pack. I list the SNPs included below.This is a new product introduction so you can get it for $99 right now during the first run. There are about 130 SNPs included. The branching covered is pretty high resolution​. For example, there are some SNPs that get down into the MaGregor surname, for example.

    Anyone can look at the any FTDNA SNP Pack's SNP lists by going to ADVANCED TESTS.
    1. Log in to your myFTDNA dashboard web page.
    2. Click on the blue UPGRADES button at the top of the page.
    3. On the ORDER ADDITIONAL TESTS page, click on the blue BUY NOW in the ADVANCED TESTS box.
    4. On the SELECT A PRODUCT page, select SNP PACK in the TEST TYPE drop down menu
    5. When the SNP Pack list pops up, click on the name of the pack you are interested in and the SNP list pops up. (example for L1065 below)

    R1b - L1065 SNP Pack

    Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
    CTS6838, PF5236, PF5721, F144, A2120, FGC17059, Y15102, Y15478, Y15477, L1065, Z16325, S744, Z17615, Z17617, S7372

    Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
    BY3145, S696, S764, A2297, A5919, Z8432, BY3133, FGC28987, FGC25396, A5306, BY144, BY150, FGC28989, BY3134, BY3135, Y15476, FGC32576, BY3136, BY154, FGC28993, A2296, FGC32902, A953, FGC28994, A2118, BY3137, Y12534, FGC28995, BY3138, BY153, FGC32904, A2117, BY3139, BY3140, BY3141, FGC31128, A2119, BY2747, FGC32905, A1321, BY3142, BY3143, BY3144, FGC32907, FGC23770, BY65, BY3146, BY3147, BY3148, A1141, FGC28998, A2116, FGC32910, BY3149, A30, A33, A34, A35, A37, A718, A848, A849, A850, A851, A853, A854, A855, A856, A859, A861, CTS4554, CTS4931, FGC10116, FGC10117, FGC10121, FGC10124, FGC10125, FGC10127, FGC17603, FGC17830, FGC18441, FGC18447, FGC19437, FGC19633, FGC19637, FGC19639, FGC19642, FGC19643, FGC19782, FGC20021, FGC21480, FGC21484, FGC21491, L743, S6198, S690, S691, S695, S697, S701, S703, S709, S7361, S7362, S7364, S756, S7370, Z16326, Z16328, Z16329, Z16330, Z16331, Z17611, Z17612, Z17613, Z17614, Z17619, Z17620, Z18058

    I think FTDNA still has R1b-L1065 mis-named in their banner ads as R-FGC17059 and FGC17059 in the pack is included, but it is just a sub-branch. Again, this is really the L1065 Scots Modal pack. You can order this through the ADVANCED TESTS menu. You will get funky prereq warning message that it appears to always pop up. You can click through it to order, but the point is when you order on ADVANCED TESTS, make sure you know what product you want.​ Ask if in doubt.
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    Good to see By154 on the list. Mike, do you know if FTDNA has or is planning on developing a system of matching persons with terminal SNPs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter MacDonald View Post
    Good to see By154 on the list. Mike, do you know if FTDNA has or is planning on developing a system of matching persons with terminal SNPs?
    They are attempting to use Big Y (only) results to do matching but it is crude and more for finding people rather than for looking at closest matches.

    I would like to see them add an SNP restriction filter to their STR matching so that you can filter out everybody but certain SNP combinations.

    I'm not sure how helpful those things would be.

    I think the main thing is get as many people as we can to at least 67 STRs and get them to take their appropriate SNP Pack (which pretty much reflect Big Tree branching plus some) or Big Y. The Big Y SNP results are now being integrated with the rest and are getting their name updates rather being classified as unknown.

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    Great to finally see postings on L1335 after almost a year!
    A number in my group for various reasons don't want to ask their kin to test again with another lab, so this new test Panel has already gotten one Y-STR match I'm interested in to order the test.


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