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Thread: R1b-Z3000 SNP Pack for Clan Colla types

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    R1b-Z3000 SNP Pack for Clan Colla types

    We've just noticed a new FTDNA SNP Pack. It is the R1b-Z3000 SNP Pack. Z3000 is one of the SNPs that marks what most call Clan Colla underneath of DF21. A noteworthy STR that is part of the Clan Colla signature is DYS425=null.

    R1b-Z3000 SNP Pack reportedly has 121 SNPs. I didn't try to count them but here they are.

    Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
    DF21, PF4252, Z3000

    Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
    BY3157, BY3158, BY3159, BY3160, BY3161, BY3162, BY3163, BY3164, BY3165, BY3166, BY3167, BY3168, BY3169, BY3170, BY3171, BY3172, BY3173, BY3174, BY3175, BY3176, BY3177, BY3178, BY3179, BY3180, BY3181, BY3182, BY3183, BY3184, BY3185, BY3186, BY3187, BY3188, A77, A937, A938, A939, A940, A941, A942, A943, A945, A946, A948, A949, A950, A951, A952, BY2869, BY2870, BY2871, BY2872, BY2873, BY512, BY513, BY514, BY515, BY516, BY517, ZZ2_2, ZZ2_1, ZZ14_1, ZZ13_1, FGC20721, M6554, S3859, S3865, S953, Y9053, Z37586, Z34751, Z31712, Z3020, Z3019, Z3017, Z3016, Z3015, Z3014, Z3012, Z3011, Z3010, Z3008, Z3007, Z3006, Z3005, Z3004, Z3003, Z3002, Z3001, Z3000, Y9054, Y9055, Y9435, Y9436, Y9437, Z27678, Z29586, Z29588, Z29589, Z29590, Z16267, Z16268, Z16269, Z16270, Z16272, Z18007, Z18008, Z18009, Z18011, Z21270, Z16273, Z16274, Z16275, Z18006, Z18005, Z18004, Z18003, Z16280, Z16276, Z16277, Z16278, Z16279

    Anyone can look at the any FTDNA SNP Pack's SNP lists by going to ADVANCED TESTS.
    1. Log in to your myFTDNA dashboard web page.
    2. Click on the blue UPGRADES button at the top of the page.
    3. On the ORDER ADDITIONAL TESTS page, click on the blue BUY NOW in the ADVANCED TESTS box.
    4. On the SELECT A PRODUCT page, select SNP PACK in the TEST TYPE drop down menu
    5. When the SNP Pack list pops up, click on the name of the pack you are interested in and the SNP list pops up.
    5a. If you want to order you will click on ADD then ORDER have to click through a prerequisites warning message. FTDNA has not changed their cancellation and refund policies but they want to make sure that on the Advanced Tests menu you think twice about what you are ordering and get help as needed.

    Generally, a Big Y tested person does not need this, but there may be an exception or two. When in doubt, ask for help. The Clan Colla project administrators are the experts on this.

    Here is the Clan Colla project:

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    Interesting. I wonder if all the SNPs tested are downstream of Z3000 and how many of them are private?

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