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Thread: Hidden matches (compared to using the .csv or excel tabs for bulk match listing)

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    Hidden matches (compared to using the .csv or excel tabs for bulk match listing)

    I was playing with advanced matching and hit X matches. The number of matching looked about right, but I had a surprise. An uncle/aunt (or similar GD close relative) of my mom has been tested but they do not come up in her normal match lists. I flipped over to FamilyFinder to be sure. [Edit: I joined the surname project of the uncle, repeated the advanced matching restricted to that project and particular surname, and viola I got lucky and the kit is in that project. I've emailed the admin to forward my message on my behalf ]
    That got me thinking of a way to at least see if there are kits that you match in FamilyFinder (or otherwise), with emails surpressed, in bulk.
    Use Advanced Matching with view set at 500 matches per page (the max)
    View the first one, save it, and repeat as you go through them.
    [Now a tough tedious]
    Load/View the first html file of matches.
    Select the lines pertaining to matches in the file, copy the results to WordPad (something that DOES NOT use columns), and repeat by viewing the successive pages, selecting the pertinent lines, and APPENDING the results to the WordPad file.
    Copy the whole WordPad file over to Word.
    Use Find to search for: ^p
    That is ^p(space)(space)
    The Navigation panel will tally the results and you can use the down arrow key to scroll for the results.
    These will be the matches that DO NOT have emails, and DO NOT show up in match lists that you get otherwise.
    For an example: 204 of my matches have emails surpressed; 241 of my mom's, and 253 of my uncle's.
    [Edit: Later on, I went through the Word file, replaced all Cousin^p to Cousin^p~^p
    Then ^p to ^t
    Then ~ to ^p
    That made the file portable to Excel. I only had to clean up the lines at every 500 entries (where the header was involved) and those of relatives closer kin than cousins. Once done I had a true matches file; except the emails didn't go through to Excel, so if I want to contact one I have to consult the .html file from where that kit data came from.]
    dp :-)
    PS: may the force be with you as you see if any close relatives are hiding out there.
    PPS: wish me luck

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