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Thread: LeJeune Family - Acadian? U6a7a1a -- HELP.

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    U6a7a1a: 500 years ago (Acadian cluster from France and Canada) is defined by the mutations 2672 and 11929
    The samples are all from Canada and are descendants of Edmée or Catherine Lejeune natives of France. Edmée Lejeune married at La Hève, Canada with François Gautreau about 1636, and Catherine Lejeune married at Port Royal, Canada with François Savoye about 1654.

    My mtDNA result was the very first for Edmée Lejeune. An interesting side note, while unrelated to this maternal genealogy, is that my parents had the same mtDNA. My father, through his mother Beatrice Muise, went back to Catherine Lejeune, biological sister of Edmée.

    According to Family Tree DNA, there is a 50% probability that our most recent common ancestor (MRCA) with ---------- (also U6a7a1a), with whom we share both a haplogroup subclade as well as a haplotype, lived no longer than 24 generations ago (i.e. about 600 years ago, presuming 4.5 generations per century), which gives us a time frame of about 1400 to 1500, around the time of the Spanish Inquisition, when many Jews converted to Catholicism (presenting a definite possibility for the maternal ancestor of the Lejeune sisters, given how closely we match markers with ----------, whose line is east European Jewish). Clearly, this gives one much to ponder.

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