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It seems unlikely that Mota has notable Eurasian admixture, especially if South Sudanese do not. In the updated formal stats, Mota shows just 2% Eurasian relative to Yoruba. Admixture estimates for Africans (using formal stats) are nearly unchanged when using Mota instead of Yoruba.

ADMIXTURE should not be used as evidence for Eurasian admixture, as opposed to African structure. Before we had South Sudanese samples, they used to show 10% Eurasian in ADMIXTURE (and then it was mainly W Eurasian, although D stats tell a different story). Of course, Mota is even more Eurasian-shifted than South Sudanese, let alone Yoruba. Non-negligible Eurasian admixture in Mota is not likely unless it is also found in South Sudanese, and if it is then it's not probable that it's from the Neolithic wave.
Hey, do you have any idea what's causing the drop in LBK-like ancestry in East Africans? The Mota run isn't surprising IMHO, it's the Yoruba run that doesn't make much sense?