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Thread: I3a found in Middle Bronze Age Poltavka culture, Samara, Russia

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    I agree. hg I is absent from Neolithic farmers. It first appears with Corded Ware, as I3a. I looks like a "Teal" lineage.
    a tour on Wikipedia Haplogroup I (mtDNA) tells another story with ref.:
    Haplogroup I is a descendant (subclade) of haplogroup N1e'I (Behar 2012b) and sibling of haplogroup N1e (Behar 2012b). It is believed to have arisen somewhere in West Asia between 17,263 and 24,451 years before present (Behar 2012b). It has been suggested that its origin may be in Iran or more generally the Near East (Terreros 2011).
    mt-hg I probably came to Europe in the Neolithic Early Farmers train with R1b. I3a is only found in Unetice Culture samples 2000 BC. I see no I3a Corded Ware sample in this list:
    Let 's Note that Unetice samples have much more Early Farmers admixture than Corded Ware peoples.
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