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Thread: GEDmatch and our Raw Data

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    I am not annoyed, but I am nonplussed. I think of myself as a wonderful creation but really my Raw Data is quite ordinary, nothing special. The person who stole my Raw Data has an email with, which is Chinese. Now what would a Chinese hacker want to use my GEDmatch matches most of which are bogus, and if contacted by his (my matches) cannot tell them anything of genealogical use. He cannot find out my Y chromosome haplogroup subclade as 23andMe's testing is quite basic. My Promethease Report looks like just about every other report I have seen. It boggles the mind, why did the Chinese person do this.

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    OpenSNP is probably the source of the problem.

    The only rational explanation I can think of for some nerd to upload a fake account with the raw data on gedmatch is to hope to fish for emails & passwords from people who email the fake account hoping to make a genealogical connection.

    Either way, it's strange.

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