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Thread: Big Y question

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMcB View Post
    So far I have a 67 marker test at FTDNA with a fair amount of close and more distant matches. The closest being for the most part in my own surname. I've been assigned I-M253 and predicted by various project administrators as F2642, test Y3649. But I haven't done any SNP tests as of yet. So I was hoping to get a confirmed terminal SNP reading, plus an mtDNA haplogroup designation and an upgrade to Family Finder by going with Geno 2.0.
    OK, so you have a SNP prediction already.

    One early source sent out a list of the SNPs allegedly tested by Geno2+ . It included
    CTS6772 (downstream from S2169, upstream from Y3649)
    F2642 (same as S2169)

    - This may have been merely a candidate list. There is no guarantee that all these SNPs actually proved reliably testable in Geno2+ results.
    - Even if they produce reliable results, there is no guarantee that FTDNA picks them out of your raw data properly and enters them into your account. You may have to check the raw data file.

    EDIT: I checked the raw data from a Geno2+ transfer. I see
    CTS6772 Y CC
    F2642 Y GG
    Both of these are the ancestral alleles, because this particular individual is in another haplogroup. But these results strongly suggest that Geno2+ will indeed detect the CTS6772 and F2642 SNPs.
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    Thank you, Igmayka for your input, I really appreciated it! Not only here but also on the many older threads I've searched where your contributions have been very helpful.

    Regards - John

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    Geno 2.0 NG should not be purchased by anyone until they resolve the false results. I hope they are working on 3.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali16 View Post
    Geno 2.0 NG should not be purchased by anyone until they resolve the false results. I hope they are working on 3.0.
    Most SNP chip or bead platforms will have problems with specific probes or combinations of probes. One will never get everything right. Just look at some of the problems with FTDNA SNP packs even though those have gone through some level of validation. Should illumina have stopped selling the chips used for 23andMe/FF/Ancestry because 90% of the y-probes weren't functional? Geno2 NG is still an appropriate product. As incorrect reads are identified they can be filtered out by NG and/or FTDNA. For those of us in haplogroup project getting an individual correctly identified into a specific region say L21, P312, U106, L23, where FTDNA SNP packs can take over is all we really need. Get the new testing lineages identified into the appropriate haplogroup region then fine tune their results using other tests.

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    Why have they been unable to filter for 4+ months??

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