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Thread: Recurring Troll Warning

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    Exclamation Recurring Troll Warning

    Dear all,

    The user "The Barnacle" was banned from the forum some months ago for a gross breach of our rules regarding fraud.

    Since then, we have weeded out well over a dozen of his dud accounts. His activity here has shifted from public posts to harassing our South Asian and South-Central Asian descent users via PM for their GEDmatch details.

    We're posting this as a general warning for our members (South/South-Central Asian ancestry users in particular) to refrain from interacting with this returning pest and to report any unsolicited requests to us immediately. Thanks for your attention.
    Forum Reminders - Please remember to:
    Report any problematic content • Adhere to Anthrogenica Hidden Content • Discuss respectfully • Be mindful of sharing user data (both yours and others) • English language only in main forum area • PM 'Moderator' for basic maintenance tasks or information about member suspensions or bans

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