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Thread: R1a-Z2123, Y2632+, SUR51+

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    Russian Federation, Ural and Siberia
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1a-Z2123, SUR250+
    mtDNA (M)

    Russian Federation

    R1a-Z2123, Y2632+, SUR51+

    The FTDNA defined for all the descendants of Kuns-Toksobichi in Bashkirs - total SNP SUR51.

    SNP age SUR51 is not yet known, it is known only that the SNP over SUR1 (SNP of Basman) and under Saka-Dinling SNPs - Y2632, Y2633.
    Y-DNA: R1a-Z93, Z94+, L342.2+, Z2124+, Z2125+, Z2123+, SUR86+, SUR250+, SUR22+ Sakes-Dinlings line
    Mt-DNA: H.

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    What is the definition of the Saka- Dinling lineage? The Saka and Dingling word refer to ancient ethnic groups, right? Is there a publication that is generally accessible that described its discovery and what markers fall into this lineage?

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