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Thread: Carriers of which uniparental markers were originally spreading light skin mutations?

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    Carriers of which uniparental markers were originally spreading light skin mutations?

    Frequencies of mutations causing lighter skin in prehistoric populations:

    I was searching for some correlation of these light skin genes with haplogroups. Especially which hg were shared by both Anatolian ENF and Russian EHG, but absent from dark-pigmented WHG. My finding is, that ENF and EHG shared haplogroup J (Y-DNA), as well as haplogroups H and U (mtDNA), but mtDNA U was also present in WHG, while H and J were rather not present in WHG:

    According to Chandler 2005, mtDNA haplogrpup H was present in WHG in Mesolithic Portugal, but "Ancestral Journeys" website claims these reults are unreliable (anyway, Y-DNA haplogroup J was not present in WHG from Mesolithic Portugal):

    So it seems, that Y-DNA haplogroup or/and mtDNA haplogroup H could be important agents in spreading light skin.


    When it comes to CHG from Satsurblia and Kotias Klde - both were ancestral for SLC42A5.

    Both of Caucasus Hunter-Gatherers had Y-DNA haplogroup J, and one of them had mtDNA haplogroup H (H13c). However, both of them had only one derived variant for light skin (rs1426654) and neither had the other derived variant (rs16891982).

    By contrast in Russian EHG and in Anatolian ENF, both of those light skin mutations were present.

    So perhaps correlation with Y-DNA haplogroup J and with mtDNA haplogroup H exists only for rs1426654.

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