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Thread: 3 individuals from the Last Glacial Maximum belong to haplogroup M - France & Belgium

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    Cork, Ireland
    Sth Western Brythonic
    Breton (French)
    Y-DNA (P)
    R1b L21>Z253>FGC8244
    mtDNA (M)
    M4"67 > M30

    France Bretagne Kroaz Du France Bretagne Ireland France Italy

    Post 3 individuals from the Last Glacial Maximum belong to haplogroup M - France & Belgium

    "New analysis of remains of ancient Europeans, from as far back as 35,000 years ago, suggests a major ‘turnover’ in the genetic makeup of people in the region at the same time as a major climatic change. It is so unprecedented, researchers have called it an ‘unknown chapter of human history’. Pictured are the ancient remains of a European found at the Dolnte Vestonice burial site in the Czech Republic" -

    •Newly generated pre-Neolithic European mtDNA genomes triple the number available
    •Clade M found for the first time in Europe, prior to the Last Glacial Maximum bottleneck
    •Rapid single dispersal of all non-Africans less than 55,000 years ago
    •Previously unknown major population shift in Europe at the end of the Pleistocene

    Pleistocene Mitochondrial Genomes Suggest a Single Major Dispersal of Non-Africans and a Late Glacial Population Turnover in Europe

    Europe’s population dramatically changed at the end of the last Ice Age


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    Is the old clade of European mtDNA M found in any modern population or individual?

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