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Thread: More Geno 2.0 SNPs in R1a-Z283 now available for order

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    More Geno 2.0 SNPs in R1a-Z283 now available for order

    All below are now available for individual order in FTDNA's Advanced menu.

    CTS3402 is downstream from CTS1211 and upstream from L365, L366, and L1280.
    CTS456 (a.k.a. Z686) is near Z92.
    F3462 is downstream from Z282.
    CTS8401 is downstream from Z287.
    CTS4179 is downstream from L448 and upstream from L176.
    PF6155 and PF6161 are near M458.

    Z645 (a.k.a. PF6162) is downstream from M417 and upstream from Z283 and Z93.
    PF4279 is downstream from L664.
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