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Thread: Looking For O'Hair/O'Hare M222 Men In Ulster And Adjacent Areas

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    Looking For O'Hair/O'Hare M222 Men In Ulster And Adjacent Areas

    I am an O'Hair who is a direct male line descendant of an O'Hair/O'Hare who was born in 1749 who was also from County Down, in what is now Northern Ireland. My cousin who also is a direct male line descendant, has been confirmed for M222. He is doing another test to see which SNP downstream of M222 that he is. He believes he will be either A259 or A260. From what my cousin has told me and shown me, I believe he will be one of those two SNPs also.

    He has matches with many people, including several Hares (also O'Reillys, MacGoverns distantly, etc). One of the Hares is a descendant of a Hare from County Cavan, which is close to County Down. Other Hare matches may be from Ulster, other Hare matches may be from other places in Ireland, or, in at least one instance, a Hare match may be ultimately from Scotland.

    The only O'Hare, except for those in a 2006 study, that I see that has done a Y-DNA test, is a descendant of Hugh O'Hare in the Family Tree County Down DNA project! (Hugh is DF41.) So, obviously he isn't M222.

    In 2006 or so, there was a DNA study using 12 markers that showed 11 out of 18 O'Hares (most from Ulster) to be M222. I know that since there were only 12 markers used, many of these could be false positives. However, I believe that if these men would do enough testing today, that at least some of them would be M222 confirmed.

    According to the genealogist John O'Hart, who I know should be used with caution, the Armagh/Down area O'Hares were descendants of the MacRannalls (many of whom anglicized their name to Reynolds.) The MacRannalls were said to be of the Clanna Rory, the Rudricians. I have seen only one Reynolds or McReynolds who is M222. Many of the Reynolds in the Family Tree Reynolds Family DNA Project have only tested enough to be shown to be M269.

    Does anyone know of any websites that show any Ulster or nearby area O'Hares who have done Y-DNA tests (or descend from O'Hares from Ulster or the nearby areas)? It is kind of mind-boggling that so many Hares have done Y-DNA testing, but only one Ulster O'Hare?!! (except for the 2006 study)

    Thanks greatly for any help!!!
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