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Thread: Why I REALLY wish Ancestry would start showing segment matching.

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    Why I REALLY wish Ancestry would start showing segment matching.

    Apparently, the powers that be over there don't think segment matching is useful or necessary, but I'd really love to see it.

    Today there was a new name among my matches, and he had the same unusual surname I do: Bookhammer. "World Family Names" ( reports it as being unique to the U.S., and estimates its U.S. frequency as 0.47 per million.

    (The original German form, Buchhammer, has its highest frequency of 130.15 per million in Landeck, Austria, so it really was never all that common a name to begin with.)

    Anyway, Ancestry reports that my cousin and I share 456 centimorgans across 29 DNA segments, which is just a smidgen higher than the average for 1st cousins once removed. According to, that's 425.00 cM.

    After checking with my sister, it appears that the cousin is in fact the grandson of one of my father's brothers -- so he is indeed a 1st cousin once removed.

    So we know the shared DNA came from either my paternal grandfather or paternal grandmother -- or probably, from both of them. Since my father tested at 23andMe, I don't need to be able to see the matching segments to help me unravel what's from my father, rather than my mother. But my cousin doesn't necessarily have such info himself. We know the source(s) of the shared DNA -- so why not let us visualize the locations of the shared DNA.

    As it is, with my dad and all five of my siblings tested at 23andMe (plus my daughter), it's really great to be able to do some partial phasing of the results. I can't really see how it wouldn't be better to view the matching DNA, rather than just having Ancestry give us an "estimate" of what they think the shared DNA means.
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    Unfortunately, the best you can do for now is try to persuade your cousin to export his Ancestry data to Gedmatch, where you can do the visualizing, but this is not a permanent solution, and is something I'm finding is a real downside to Ancestry (though it has its upsides too).

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    I agree GeeBee and cannot think why they want to hide the visual information from customers.

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