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    I'm going to post this here, because there is a some Welsh-related content, and because I always check in hoping there are posts here.

    We were talking in the FTDNA forum about Big-Y, and both rms2 and JonikW inspired me to try to track down some testers.

    I have my matches pretty well sorted into groups (as an American with a good bit of colonial ancestry I have a ton of matches, including reasonably close ones). The goal here is to find matches on my Y-DNA line (surname, sigh, Jones) who I can approach about the benefits of Y testing. I only have the line back to Shropshire, but it could be Welsh and also border area so I'm not convinced it really matters what side of the current border they started on anyway. As I mentioned in the FTDNA thread, we have the line back into the early 1700s (a cousin of mine who is actually a reliable researcher has it back further but I need to check her sources).

    My dad's closest Y match is predicted to match my dad about 77% in 8 generations, 95% in 12. (I realize these aren't super reliable.) They aren't surname matches, but that doesn't bother me because Jones, plus the match has a likely NPE in the early 1800s.

    I went back to my prior efforts to find likely matches more distant than those of us descended from my gg-grandfather who came to the US. He had 4 brothers, but one died too young to have kids, two had only daughters, and the fourth was supposedly "lost in Australia." (This from cousins in the UK descended from the sisters, who had letters that my gg-grandfather wrote back to England after going to the US.) The man lost in Australia also had the (this will be a theme) unhelpful name of William Jones.

    Going back to my ggg-grandfather's family, he had two brothers (John and Edmund). That also seems to have been the generation when everyone moved away from the family farm. My ggg-grandfather was the oldest, and moved to the London area, where he was a draper and opened a store (his wife's family were largely merchants, as well as long-time non-conformists -- I have many UK-based matches on her side, as well as Canada-based ones). His brother Edmund disappears, and since two sisters also went to Australia it wouldn't surprise me if he did as well, but I have no indication either way. His brother John Jones (sigh again) moved to Worcestershire, and is in later years listed as a labourer rather than a farmer or ag lab.

    I have a pretty good family for John, but given that the UK is more protective of census records (back farther) than the US, plus the names and movement of the family, so that parish records aren't as helpful as they were for the earlier Shropshire research, I can't trace them forward very well.

    So giving up on this for the time-being, I went back to my Ancestry matches and looked at "in common with" matches of my matches descended from my gg-grandfather on this line. This actually picked up a bunch of Jones, but when I looked at them most seemed to be on my Welsh side. (My gg-grandfather named Jones who immigrated from England married a Welsh woman surnamed Humphreys who had a mother, grandfather (obv), and two grandmothers also surnamed Jones.) And even so it's not clear that the Joneses I match who seem to be Welsh are descended directly from them, as they also have a bunch of other matching names (like Davies and Evans). I could probably sort this out and if I had unlimited money (I don't), I could try to start a personal Welsh Y DNA project, but right now this seems like it's probably just going to be a waiting game.

    I'm not giving up on this yet -- I need to contact the other relatives with the same surname as the Y-DNA match, at least, but I'm interested in any advice plus maybe starting some chatting on this thread again.
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