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Thread: Miscellaneous Welsh Odds and Ends

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    Isles Celto-Germanic
    Y-DNA (P)
    I1 Z140+ A21912+
    mtDNA (M)
    Y-DNA (M)
    R1b L21+ L371+
    mtDNA (P)

    Wales England Cornwall Scotland Ireland Normandie
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    I had no idea what I would be, although I thought some kind of R1b likely, since it is the most common y-dna haplogroup in western Europe. However, at the time I was hoping for what back then was called "I1a" (I-M253), because at that time I1a was regarded by the denizens of Rootsweb as the Viking y-dna haplogroup. Ken Nordtvedt was the preeminent I1a expert on Rootsweb, and I greatly admired his postings.

    When I got my initial "R1b1" result and began reading about R1b (spring 2006) there was a tremendous load of ridiculous crap current involving the Iberian LGM Refuge, the Basques, etc., etc. I believed all that for maybe a day or two. It just never made any sense to me.
    I expected to be R1b too and knew nothing about I1 then. I wrote to Ken Nordtvedt, who was still active when I got my initial I-M253 result on 23andme and asked him whether I could ever hope to discriminate and know whether my first paternal forefather in this country was a Danish Viking or an Anglo-Saxon or other. He wisely said that was unlikely, which is where I am today.
    Returning to Wales, I took my family and some friends to Llangollen two days ago. We walked up to the ruined castle of Dinas Bran. I hadn't been there for 25 years but told them that Llangollen holds everything that's most special about Wales in one small place: mountains, ruins, a beautiful river and a pretty town. I'm pleased to say that it exceeded all our expectations.
    Living DNA Cautious mode:
    Wales-related ancestry: 86.8%
    Cornwall: 8%
    North England-related ancestry: 5.2%
    Y line: Peak District, England. Big Y match: Scania, Sweden; TMRCA 1,280 ybp (YFull);
    mtDNA: traces to Glamorgan, Wales
    Mother's Y: traces to Llanvair Discoed, Wales

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