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    The histories of the settlement cite poverty and bad landlords. And it was a cultural movement building on some of the older emigrations to north America. There was a realisation that the Welsh settlements in north America were only surviving a couple of generations so they were looking for somewhere more isolated where they would be able to run their own affairs.

    Merseyside and Manchester are just the north Wales equivalent of the South Wales valleys in this context. The emigrants from there were mostly recent inmigrants from the rural hinterland.

    A popular minister went from Mountain Ash and some of his flock followed him in later years. Perhaps that was an influence? Mountain Ash was relatively new in the 1860s too so perhaps the population was still quite transient?I know that my great great grandfather left rural Carmarthenshire for Miskin in Mountain Ash in the 1860s. He went back marry and the family then lived in the Llantrisant area for a few months before returning to the south west.
    Interesting about the minister as a possible influence. You mention Llantrisant, which takes me straight back to childhood and visits to my mum's friend who lived there. Her husband made lovespoons (a subject we've touched on here before when I posted a pic of an 18th century one that belonged to my grandmother) and I admired his craftsmanship very much. He was extremely adept and some of the spoons had moveable balls within the handles. You're lucky to live in Wales still. Do you travel around the country much? I know that when I've lived in any given place I've often neglected the main attractions, but Wales really does have so much of beauty and historical interest everywhere. I only get back there once every year or so now, sadly.
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