Hello all,
This is my first time posting here. I have tested a lot of my immediate family who have shown some interesting results in their Ancestry Compositions. I will post them here too so that you can all see them. The ones I'm posting right now include my mother, my mother's sister, my mother's first cousin, and myself.

What my concern is is that there are areas reported by 23andme that do not show up in all of the Gedmatch calculators when I generate the chromosome paintings. Furthermore, there are other areas in our genomes that look as though they're non-European, but they are not reported by 23andme. Our known family is Canadian of European descent. The vast majority of our DNA is European in origin as is reported by 23andme and shown in the Gedmatch calculators, but there are some small segments of East Asian and Sub-Saharan African as well.

What do all y'all think?

Steve Beatty Ancestry Composition Speculative Chromosome 2.pngSandy Locovitch Speculative Ancestry Composition pre-synthesis.pngAbigail D's Ancestry Composition Speculative post-synthesis 2 parents.pngDebbie Downer post-synthesis Ancestry Composition Speculative.png