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Thread: My haplogroup

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    My haplogroup

    I've tested and confirmed some SNPs and am classified in the haplogroup J-m319 (spain) by FTDNA along with the SNP of J-m410. I've been doing research and can't really make connections of all of this information. So, how does my Spanish J-m319 connect to the Caucaus/Georgian J-m410? I just to make sense of this, but it's proving to be rather difficult as genetics is very diverse and spread out.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, as far as I know, there should'nt be any relation, as the Caucasians with M410 usually belong to Z7671, which is a subclade of M67, which has been seperated from your line around 12 thousand years ago. I did come across a Jew on youtube who was M319 but he did'nt have ancestors in Spain. I'm sure Agamemnon knows more about the different M410 subclades in the Caucasus.
    This might be helpful:
    You can see the TMRCA of the Caucasians' subclade and yours.
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    You most likely only connect to the Caucasus peoples that belong to Y-DNA haplogroup J2a M410 very anciently. You share a direct paternal line ancestor with them many thousands and thousands of years ago.

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