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Thread: E-M81 in Brazil

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    Punic wars in Northern Africa
    Interesting.. the projects manager of E-M81 at FTDNA seems to think due to recently discovered Subclades in the last two years that the first founder affect is from the 814BC founding colonization of Carthage 🤔

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    Quote Originally Posted by E_M81_I3A View Post
    Also percentage of E-M81 (3%) in Brazil is interesting because if we consider that the vast majority comes directly from Portugal, then it means that, given E-M81 frequency in Portugal at 5-6%, that about 50% of Brazilian paternal lineages are from Portugal.
    I think that more than 50% of Brazilian paternal lineages are from Portugal, the approximate percentage would be something like 70%, maybe even more. Then around 20% from other Europeans or Middle Easterners, both recent and colonial, and 10% of African and Native Brazilian, with African yDNA being more common than Native Brazilian. That's a striking difference when compared to Brazilian mtDNA that is around 60% African + Native Brazilian, in that case with Native being more common than African, and 40% European or West Eurasian, though some L lineages in some Brazilians may have arrived in Brazil with the Portuguese rather than with enslaved Africans.

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