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Thread: Jewish R1b in Scots

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    Now after many years I finally have my hands on a copy of the book. Yes, the theory is that through successive waves of immigration a lot of R1b Jews came to settle in Scotland. The migration started in early part of the Middle Ages and continued well into the 1500s as Jews were forced out of the continent for many reasons.

    They tested people in the USA with Scottish paternal lines. The DNA tests were conducted around 1999 to the year 2000.

    None of these tests were conducted beyond the 12 marker level, some included tests on a 9 marker level.

    However, the number of people in the FTDNA and YHRD databases would be much fewer at that time. Would that influence the implications of the results?

    In other words, is it possible that the results of a 12 markers test back then in 1999 or 2000 may have been more indicative of a connection between Jews and Scots than if the test were conducted today?

    When the tests were conducted they were measured against FTDNA and YHRD databases of those years.

    Results indicated that a lot of these Scots with surnames like Alexander, Forbes, Bruce, Campbell, Gordon, Stewart, Caldwell, Kennedy, Leslie, Fraser, Cowan and Christie matched with Spanish, Portuguese speaking people in Iberia and Latin America.

    What I am trying to determine is how far back the connection could be. If there is a definite Y-DNA connection in the last 1,000 years then it is certainly possible that Jews could have migrated to Scotland. If the connection is much further back i.e. between Iberians and proto-Celts in Scotland 2,000 or so years ago then the theory becomes less plausible.

    I would be very interesting in the analysis of our experts here.
    It's nonsense. The dominant Scottish Kennedy lines are M222 (hence probably restricted to Scotland and Ireland for several thousand years) plus a scattering of other Isles oriented ones.
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    R1b is not a Jewish haplogroup. Just because it originated in Western Asia doesn't make it Jewish.

    A lot of Spaniards have R1b due to historic migrations. Yes, many are of Sephardic ancestry, but that's like saying the Scots must be be black because many Spaniards have African ancestry. The claims that some Scottish and Irish kings were descended from King David or the tribe of Dan appear to be just legend.
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