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Thread: Samaritan GEDmatch results: How does this shape our view of the pre-Islamic Levant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
    Technically-speaking, yes. This individual is from the Marhiv family, fully Samaritan IIRC.
    Considering the Samaritan match to my mother is only at 5cm setting not default 7cm setting I took the match with a large grain of salt.

    Then I noticed this person in the Samaritans One-to-Many Matches:
    On Eurogenes K13 this match of there’s Admixture ancestry is almost exclusively North European,except for about 3% Middle Eastern so looks legit.

    This match also matched my mother on One-to-One:

    I’m not educated on reading these thing..
    Both match on Channel 18 but does this count as shared overlapping?
    Or does this mean nothing?
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    Double post*

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