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Thread: Clan Menzies in Scotland : E-M81 ?

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    Clan Menzies in Scotland : E-M81 ?

    At FtDna, I have two "Big Y" E-M81 matches with two people of Scottish origin named Menzies. Both of them, who are not closely related, belong to E-M81 (same subclade A-930) and have their paternal ancestors from Scotland (18th Century).

    At 23andMe, an historian of Scottish origin named Menzies as well also belongs to E-M81 (unknown subclade) and says his paternal ancestry is from Clan Menzies.

    According to historians, ancestors of Menzies came to northern France with Vikings, settled in a french village called Mesnieres (Normandie), then in medieval times came to England, where the name changed to Manners, with a branch going to Scotland and changing the spelling to Menyers and finally Menzies.

    Of course these 3 people may also descend from a common Scottish ancestor that may not be linked to this Clan, but nevertherless it is quite interesting to find some E-M81 so far in Northern Europe.

    It would be great to have some Y-Dna tested from Normandy in France, especially the region of Mesnieres, to see if some E-M81, that belong to same subclade A930, are found which could support this clan Menzies origin.
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