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Thread: What hints can I derive from 26% Nigeria, 16% Mali and 13% Cameroon/Congo?

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    Question What hints can I derive from 26% Nigeria, 16% Mali and 13% Cameroon/Congo?

    What tribal connects can be me from a high(ish) Mali percentage?

    I also have 11% Ivory Coast / Ghana, 3% Benin/Togo, 2% Africa North, 2% Africa Southeastern Bantu , 2% Senegal and 1% Africa South Central Hunter Gatherers.

    Maternal line is from Virginia and Paternal is North Carolina.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    These AncestryDNA results will not function as some sort of intra-African blood quantum. Trying to figure out any ethnic connections will be highly speculative and fraught with easily overlooked complexities. If you lower your expectation level you can still get some valuable clues though about where your African ancestors were located in a regional framework. Admittedly quite sketchy but still not to be dismissed either as long as you are aware of its inherent limitations. I find that you can get more plausible answers by researching which ethnic groups were most frequently documented in historical sources for whichever place your family's from (not only just 2 or 3 generations ago but tracing back to the time when your probably dozens or even hundreds of African ancestors were relocated, most likely to the 1700's in your case).

    This is just my 2 cents But given your VA background i would say there's high chances you have a decent amount of Igbo ancestry which would be reflected in your "Nigeria" score and perhaps also in your "Cameroon/Congo" score. Then again it is also very much possible that in addition or instead you might have ancestors from other ethnic groups living in southeastern Nigeria/western Cameroon, such as the Ijaw or Efik. These places forming the Bight of Biafra hinterland which was the leading area of provenance for captives being brought to Virginia. The socalled Mali region can actually also refer to ancestral connections with neighbouring countries such as Guinea Conakry or Burkina Faso. Would be very tricky to single out any particular ethnicity to be associated with the "Mali" region" even when any of the Mandé speaking groups probably already make a good candidate. But it might as well be referring to a Gur speaking ethnic group. More realistically it's probably DNA you inherited from a combined number of ancestors who might have hailed from several interrelated yet distinct ethnic groups within Upper Guinea.

    You might find this blogpost useful, it provides an analysis of 350 African American AncestryDNA results:

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