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Thread: The Truth About Heart Disease And Cholesterol.

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    Devon England
    Y-DNA (P)
    I-L1228 (my dad)
    mtDNA (M)
    mtDNA (P)

    England Denmark Ireland Scotland

    The Truth About Heart Disease And Cholesterol.

    Me: Susan Cotton Ackroyd mito hg V10b2. Gedmatch: DT6812170 testing companies FTDNA: 23&me: Living DNA

    My dad Maurice Arthur Cotton Y-DNA I-L1228. L1227-L1228+L623-L801-CTS9183- Mito hg V Gedmatch: XL1021420 testing company FTDNA

    My cousin William Bainbridge Y DNA R-U150 subclade R-Z150 Mito hg H3g1 Gedmatch:TX8645666 testing company Living DNA

    Yorkshire, Lancashire, Birmingham Warwickshire, Worcestershire, London, Denmark, Cumbria, Scotland

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    This source quotes a 48% uptick in heart disease risk for sleep-deprived individuals.

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