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Thread: R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project FTDNA

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    R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project FTDNA

    R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project is a new project that replaces four smaller FTDNA projects. The R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project (aka ht35 Project), R M73 and Subclades, R1b1a1-M73, R-M343 (M73- M269-) DNA projects are in the process of being eliminated and members merged to the R1b Basal Subclades R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project. Consolidating the four projects will provide phylogenetic continuity which should aid in discovering and developing the basal branches of the R1b haplotree. This new project also mirrors and works with YFull Group: R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106).

    A core goal of the R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (P312- U106-) DNA Project is the discovery and development of branches or haplogroups on the R1b haplotree between R1b-M343 and the R1b-U106/R1b-P312 haplogroups. This is accomplished with the project phylogenetic trees which has resulted in finding numerous undiscovered SNPs, branches and haplogroups recently. These trees utilize data from research projects, published science papers, FTDNA, FGC, YFull, YSEQ and other commercial data for a very comprehensive look at the haplogroups of this project. The R1b Basal Subclades Phylogenetic Trees can be found on the project results page.
    R1b-M343 (M269-) Phylogenetic Tree & R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) Phylogenetic Tree

    Of particular interest to the molecular anthropology community is the Ancient R1b samples Haplogroup Assignments chart by fellow Anthrogenica member smal. Hopefully there will be quite a few updates in the near future. It's hoped that the SNPs and branches discovered by project members NGS testing will help place ancient R1b samples on the phylogenetic tree. The Ancient R1b samples Haplogroup Assignments chart can be found on the project background page.

    Anthrogenica members byrgian and smal work closely with ISOGG. It's hoped that this consolidation of the R1b basal subclades projects to a single project will help with that important task.

    When you look at the basal part of the R1b-M343 haplogroup, the subclades that are negative for U106 and P312, it's obvious that there is much to discover and learn. There will be a push to find and test interesting R1b haplotypes from Southwest Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Anatolia, the Balkans, Causcuses and other places to many to mention. There are R1b basal branches to be found and it's hoped that the R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (P312- U106-) DNA Project will be instrumental in their discovery.

    R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (P312- U106-) DNA Project
    YFull Group: R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106
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    Hi, Joe, I didn't see a link to the new project on the old ht35 project website. It would probably be good to post one there as long as that site is still up.


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    Thank you, Joe, for this post. A distant cousin-in-law of mine recently completed his Big Y test and was found to be R1a-L51 (xP312 xU106). This was a surprise, as P312 and U106 make up the vast majority of tested L51+ men. I was concerned that there would not be a "home" for his results (especially in terms of interpretation support) as compared to what is available for P312+ folks.

    I look forward to learning more as the R1a Basal Project continues to grow and appreciate all the efforts by you and the rest of the administrators to make sense of it all.

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