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Thread: Adoption and searching for your biological family

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    Adoption and searching for your biological family

    I have to share this wonderful story. It gave me the chills this morning. Last year when I was working as a registered nurse at an urgent care clinic; I met someone who mentioned that she was adopted. She had indicated that she would love to find her biological family. So of course I mentioned DNA testing to her, and explained how it could help in her search. I told her how it was best to test at all three of the big companies for her situation.

    I wrote down the websites for all three of them. I wrote down the forum website for Anthrogenica, and a few others that would be helpful to her to understand how genetics can work to find her family. This morning I received a text from one of my old co-workers that she was looking for me!

    She has through DNA testing found her mother, and 9 siblings! She has met all of them; along with several nieces and nephews! I am so happy for her. If you are on the forum please pm me. I would love to hear all of the details of your success!

    For any other adoptees out there please feel free to post questions in this thread. Or to let us know about your success stories!

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    This is amazing!

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    I never knew my bio father. All I had was a first name. I was able to find him through a relative on ancestry DNA. It has been an amazing expirence. And now it is as if he was always a part of my life. DNA testing can do amazing things!

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