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Thread: Y-DNA N in India: Likely Lab Error

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    Y-DNA N in India: Likely Lab Error

    A topic newtoboard brought to my mind some months ago which I have finally honoured with a research entry.

    The finding of Haplogroup N in India through Sharma et al.'s The Indian origin of paternal haplogroup R1a1* substantiates the autochthonous origin of Brahmins and the caste system [1] is a curious one. Unfortunately, the paper did not include any Y-STR material to help understand the basis of N's presence in India.

    The Haplogroup N reported in Sharma et al. is most likely a result of a laboratory error given the complete absence of any flavour of N-M231 in India through other recent studies. If any Haplogroup N is found, it must not be contrasted in any way against Sharma et al. and should be investigated on a separate line of inquiry. As ever, details of any future cases of Haplogroup N in India should be taken into consideration. If of a Mughal background, the paternal origins are readily explained by Medieval Central Asian ancestry. If from the furthest northeast of the Indian Subcontinent, the possibility of Nepali ancestry should be sought. [8] Although prehistoric indirect influence from Finno-Ugric interactions in the second millennium BC onwards shouldn't be dismissed outright, other more recent explanations exist.

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