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Thread: Newby Question: Is there a Forum or Sub-Forum devoted to Great Britain Genealogy

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    Newby Question: Is there a Forum or Sub-Forum devoted to Great Britain Genealogy

    For the past three weeks as a Newby, I have been rooming the various Forums / Sub-Forums here and found scattered threads related to Haplogroups found in the British Isles including Ireland. But to me they seem rather separated and disorganized, many falling under the various Haplogroups discussions / debates which go on for years. Perhaps I have overlooked a Forum devoted specifically to the genetic genealogy of the British Isles - from which so many early immigrants to the USA came.

    For ten years I have researched my earliest ancestor, Thomas Milam {Mylum, Millam, Millim, Milom, Myleham, etc.}, who is first found in a Court Order in Orange County, Virginia, in 1738; and who in 1761 removed to Bedford County, VA. I have read thousands of pages of court records and learned a great deal about Thomas and his six sons whose lives are documented on my website of 290+ pages. I am R1b - L20.

    A couple of year ago I searched through the records of Births and Christening of phonetically "Milam" names found in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) and prepared an interactive map of the locations of their births in Great Britain from 1530 through 1700: . If you click on this link, you can see how they are clustered in 4 regions and of course their number grow in those regions over time (the intervals may be selected in the upper right corner). If you zoom in, the details of the county parishes involved become apparent. After 1650 the name appears in eastern Scotland around Perth.

    I would love to find a Forum devoted to the Haplogroups which predominate in various counties / regions of the "United Kingdom" since I have a research project that I would be interested in funding. Does such a Forum exist??

    If not, any guesses on which of these regions of Great Britain is most likely to have "Milam" families which are R1b - L20??
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    This would be a potentially interesting sub-forum to have actually. I especially like the idea of seeing information for variations in haplogroups within counties.

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