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Thread: X-DNA testing &

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    Quote Originally Posted by C J Wyatt III View Post
    I think it is possible right now, but my view is that the current matching methodology is flawed.

    One of my contrarian views is that small autosomal segments are very rarely false. If you are able triangulate them with someone who is not close, that eliminates any remaining worries about whether they are false. Also I believe many of us have a common ancestor within the past 300 years (I do not believe he comes from a Mayflower line). I think we have the capability to determine his autosomal genome. We need to be able to edit out his results in kits that we are comparing, so that we know that a match comes from somewhere else.

    Myself, I have been able to make some connections as far back as the 17th Century.

    Jack Wyatt
    Segments can be gold or mullock: they need to be panned out.
    But if you are picking out massive nuggets why work with gold dust?

    DNA Genealogy provides evidence.
    Just like other genealogical forms - oral, family records, vital and archival records, pedigree books and so on.
    The more evidence you have on a particular issue pointing to a particular outcome, the more evidence you have for that outcome.
    And the other problem is that small segments tend to come from a common ancestor from long ago.
    This is a statistical situation not disproved by just one counter argument.

    If you have lots of DNA examples that a couple of particular 3cM segments are definitive for a particular family line, (say by triangulation), then if you find them in the DNA of a total stranger, you have a very strong lead towards establishing a relationship, and it is worth devoting more resources to this task.

    But if you are starting out with only your own genome, it is a total waste of time to put effort into tiny scraps.

    I am in the position of having many close mtDNA matches: there is no question that there is a link somewhere.
    With a couple, I share some small segments of 4cM and 5cM. Links to a common ancestor are well documented from paper sources and he was born around 1480 AD.
    The segments provided a spur to look for the paper proof, but without the additional evidence of the mtDNA, I would have spent my time on something more promising. Good pedigrees on both sides were a bonus.

    Dave Hamm's blog provides an example of using small segments as additional evidence to a well constructed prior framework of a Y DNA / surname study.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saetro View Post
    Segments can be gold or mullock: they need to be panned out.
    But if you are picking out massive nuggets why work with gold dust? .....
    With all respect, you are advocating for the flawed methodology
    which I was speaking of.

    The question was whether someday, and I was saying that I already was making connections that far back. I'd be happy to start another thread to discuss my approach and the shaky foundations of the current methodology if anyone really is interested.

    Jack Wyatt

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    I have an X Match with a Hopkins who lists a Doty in Ancestral Names. Haven't tried email yet, I'll wait for my GSMD membership number before I start bothering anyone. I have other FF matches that claim Mayflower roots, but Hopkins is the only X Match I've found right off.
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