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    Rio de Janeiro Colonial
    Y-DNA (P)
    J1a1 FGC6064+ M365+
    mtDNA (M)

    Suebi Kingdom Portugal 1143 Portugal 1485 Portugal Order of Christ Brazilian Empire Brazil


    My mtDNA is H1ao1 and my FTDNA FMS was a pioneer in the classification of this group. My mtDNA was originally from Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal. In FTDNA I have FMS matches from Spain and Ireland.
    Now we have the article Meta-Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Variation in the Iberian Peninsula. Ruth Barral-Arca et al.
    They found 12 H1ao in Spain distributed in every region - Salamanca, Granada, Granada, León, Salamanca, Palencia, Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, Ávila, Lugo, Murcia.
    S1 Table. Mitochondrial DNA sequences obtained in the present study
    H1ao has been formed somewhere in Atlantic Western Europe, most probably in Iberia, more than 4000 years ago.
    J1 FGC5987 to FGC6175 (188 new SNPs)
    MDKAs before Colonial Brazil
    Y-DNA - Milhazes, Barcelos, Minho, Portugal.
    mtDNA - Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal
    North_Swedish + PT + PT + PT @ 3.96 EUtest 4

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