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Thread: mtDNA Haplogroup H is one of the most dominant family groups in Europe

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    mtDNA Haplogroup H is one of the most dominant family groups in Europe

    Studies have shown that Europeans fall into one of several main mtDNA haplogroups: H, I, J, K, N1, T, U2e, U3, Ur, X, W, U5, and V. mtDNA Haplogroup H is one of the most dominant family groups in Europe, representing approximately 40% of the mtDNA gene pool in populations in various parts of Europe and extending as far as western Asia. Recent publications by the following researchers have provided significant advances in our understanding of mtDNA Haplogroup H and its subclades:

    •Roostalu et al. from the University of Tartu and Estonian Biocentre, Estonia
    •Brandstatter et al. from the Innsbruck Medical University, Austria
    •Pereira et al. from Universidade to Porto, Portugal
    •Grignani et al. from Universita di Pavia, Italy
    •Loogvali et al. from University of Tartu, Estonia
    •Achilli et al. from Universita di Pavia, Italy

    Learn about mtDNA Haplogroup H. Genebase Tutorials. Retrieved April 18, 2013, from

    148326, FGC-0FW1R, YSID6 & YF3272 R-DF13>FGC5494>*7448>*5496>*5521>*5511>*5539>*5538>* 5508>*5524
    Watterson USA GD1/67 & GD3/111, *5508+. GD1’s father’s sister-23andme pred. 3rd Cous w/ 0.91% DNA shared-3 seg. Largest on Chr1 w/non-Euro admix affirms my NPE paternal Watterson line via aDNA & YDNA. A 2nd pred. 4th cous has same DKA b. 1840's Georgia and MDKA d 1703 IOM. 3rd Cousin FtDNA FF is from the Watterson Ala. *5538+ b. IOM w/ GD6/67 & GD8/111 -SGD3. FGC5539+ a Scot-Ross GD13/111 -SGD8

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