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Thread: Z41150: New SNP between R-L2 and R-Z49 on Bigtree

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    Z41150: New SNP between R-L2 and R-Z49 on Bigtree

    Just noticed a new SNP between L2 and L2 subclades.
    Big Tree: Information for Z41150
    Lead With SNP: Z41150.

    Upstream Blocks:
    R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > U152/S28 > L2/S139 > Z41150
    Z49, DF90, A6454, S1565, BY4245, FGC22538, 2819179-A-G, FGC11577
    21527519-T-TA Z41150 12A This mutation is an STR/homopolymer. The hg19 and hg38 reference sequences have 12A in a row, men with this mutation have 13. In BigY kits, it seems to show up as a mixture of ancestral and derived reads, but 1kG and FGC kits seem less ambiguous.
    In my father's FGC results I have 10 reads. 5 T and 5 TA.
    His BigY is 35 reads, 13 T and 22 TA.
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    Y DNA line continued: Z142>Z12222>FGC12378>FGC12401>FGC12384
    35% English, 26% Scot/Ulster Scot, 14% Welsh, 14% German, 5% Ireland, 3% Nordic, 2% French/Dutch, 1% India
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